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Bumping an old thread to update some numbers for people considering Singapore programs. And the last thing: Hi there, Just wanted to know if any of you have experience in the finance industry and are working in any investment bank. Your email address will not be published. It’s taught by good teachers, and is a useful learning platform geared mainly to get you the CFA up to level 2. QS also placed NTU 1st in the world among universities below the age of

You may judge according to your own circumstances. So much for today, I may update this from time to time. I’m keen on a fulltime course as I want to focus on studying and doing well for the course. There is even a huge display screen in front of the supermarket that sometimes acts as an open cinema. In not more than words you are required to state the reasons that motivate you to join the MiM program offered by NUS.

I have completed my grad in BBA.

MFE at NUS/NTU or MAF at SMU? –

It involves mathematics, finance and computer science. Tech -Mechanical Engineer with 1 year experience. My friend is in NTU Our MFE Programme started in with a small cohort.

Last edited by pinky; at Can you please tell me is it worthwhile to pursue it from there… If you can suggest anything better I welcome that too. At this point, I want to change my job, and eager to join into Investment Banking. This letter of motivation serves as the application essay. Once you can afford that, the cost of living in most parts of the US, except for NYC, is quite reasonable.


In not more than words you are required to state the reasons that motivate you to essau the MiM mge offered by NUS. Getting the MBA will not only allow you to do the switch to the finance industry but gives you greater flexibility in the future in making switches between industry mf job functions.

It helps you lay a very solid foundation in finance. NUS has always been ranked under the top 10 business schools in Asia.

My hope is that it mfw some convenience for those interested in working in finance nue applying for a spot in NTU. Similar to Mathematical Finance, Financial Engineering and Quantitative Finance, Financial Engineering deals with financial issues through computer programming.

How student-friendly is the work-permit application process in Singapore? Now I haven’t received any sort of mail, or had any sort of communication with the guys at NUS, so I’m wondering what this could mean, and well, what I should do now.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs.

The report should be sealed and singed across the seal on the envelope flap. Tech in ECE and i have got a job oppurtunity in singapore as an network engineer now i have decided to work there for fme years and then move canada rotman school of business to persue my MBA in finance is it a. Please pour your thoughts.


The minimum and maximum periods of candidature are 1 year and 2 years for full time students. Many international students study in Singapore with the aim of subsequently building a finance career here as well.

In a bid to cover everything, the ideas should not look disconnected.

nus mfe essay

Financial engineering is the application of mathematics, statistical skills and computer programming techniques to solve challenging problems in finance. What are the requirements for application?

nus mfe essay

The dormitory I live is circled in blue. What is financial engineering? The teaching content is harder than that of the general Finance and MBA courses. A copy of your official identification documents. It would be a good idea to follow a chronological order here.

nus mfe essay

English is one of the official languages in Singapore, and is widely used in formal business settings. What is your view on the courses mentioned above and what is your view on the current job market in the finance sector? It is purely personal and may not apply to everyone. It’s a tough life and long hours, but you will be renumerated hopefully at least by the time you graduate As for the interview that follows, applicants will be asked to have an interview via Skype once the resume meets the requirements.